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The Intelligent Data Exchange (IDX)

Deliver complex digitalization initiatives faster, at lower cost, and with less risk using IDX—a fully managed data-automation-as-a-service offering from Graz that makes it quick and easy to integrate every data source.

Your digitalization initiative depends on integrating data from a wide range of sources—but building, managing, and maintaining those integrations threatens to drain your resources, drive your costs, and stall your project. Wouldn’t it be better if you could focus on value-added actions instead?

With the Intelligent Data Exchange (IDX), you can outsource every aspect of the data automation lifecycle to Graz.

Getting started is simple. Tell Graz your technical and operational requirements, and we offer an end-to-end, fully managed data automation service that meets your needs—quickly and cost-effectively. Most importantly, Graz maintains your mission-critical integrations and processes for as long as needed.

The result? You can assign your resources to where they’re needed most, mitigate business risk, cut costs, and bring your digitalization project to market faster.

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Full kompatibilitet med Dataskyddsförordningen

IDX kan driftas till 100% från era egna datahallar eller som en iPaaS-lösning från vårt helsvenska datacenter. Detta innebär att ingen data lagras utanför Sverige och ingen data distribueras över tredje land.

Integrate complex enterprise data automatically, in real time with IDX

In every industry, digital transformation is the destination—and every transformation journey starts with data. However, crucial insights are often scattered across thousands of different systems, stored in different formats, and subject to complex data dependencies. The challenge of integrating this data prevents many transformation projects from ever getting off the ground.

To solve this challenge, Graz has developed the Intelligent Data Exchange (IDX): a fully managed cloud based solution that empowers organisations to automate even the most complex data processes.

Built on more than two decades of Graz expertise in large scale, enterprise-grade integration projects, IDX enables businesses to connect to thousands of data endpoints rapidly, cost-effectively and in real time. Deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform and delivered as a managed service by Graz, IDX liberates enterprises to focus on their core objective: achieving digital transformation.

Explore the features of IDX

  • Integrate seamlessly with SAP solutions

    IDX was designed end-to-end for full compatibility and tight integration with the SAP ecosystem. Using built-in RESTful APIs, IDX allows businesses to rapidly interface with practically any SAP solution on the market today.
  • Deploy rapidly and scale effortlessly

    Architected for the SAP Cloud Platform, IDX can be deployed into production faster and with far less effort than an on-premises development project. As well as offering high levels of availability for mission-critical integration workflows, IDX scales out linearly in the cloud—enabling you to add extra capacity while keeping costs under tight control.
  • Limit the costs of data retention

    The metadata generated by data integration platforms can contain valuable insights into everything from compliance to customer behavior—but the costs of long-term data retention quickly add up. With the Cloud Data Sentry module in IDX, you can selectively store and analyses your metadata securely and cost-effectively via the SAP Cloud.
  • Connect to over 10,000 endpoints

    Whether your business needs to collect data from a handful of data endpoints or many thousands, IDX plug-ins enable reliable, real-time workflow automation. You can add as many plug-ins as you need to support the most complex integration tasks: even workflows that demand simultaneous connections to over 10,000 different data sources.
  • Support all other data sources…

    IDX uses a unique plug-in approach to integration logic, with ready-to-deploy patterns for many-to-many data integrations. In addition to SAP solutions, Graz has developed integration plug-ins for all leading ERP and financial management systems.
  • …including custom-coded applications

    Because IDX is a multi-integration hub, Graz can help you to design new plug-ins for almost any other endpoint, including custom-designed business applications or tools running on legacy platforms.

Unlock the benefits of IDX

  • Protect mission-critical business processes

    Many enterprises depend on manual data integration to drive core processes such as compliance and financial reporting—exposing them to talent risk and the threat of human error. By automating data integration with IDX, your organisation can minimise risk exposure and contain IT spending.
  • Choose a product, not a project

    Data integration projects are notorious for their high costs, intense complexity and unpredictable delays. With IDX, the SAP Cloud Platform and expert services from Graz, your organisation gains a turnkey solution that offers extremely short time to value.
  • Ensure security and compliance

    Graz designed IDX based on 20 years of experience in the financial services space. Engineered for robust security, IDX is encrypted from end-to-end, and preserves a full and transparent record of every transaction—helping to ensure your organisation is compliant and audit-ready.
  • Scale fast and support workload peaks

    Your data integration requirements will likely grow and change over time, so IDX is architected for flexibility. Scaling out IDX is as simple as adding new processing nodes on the SAP Cloud Platform. Crucially, IDX is designed to support workload peaks efficiently—for example, multiple data integrations that must all run simultaneously at the start of the working day.
  • Deploy with minimal effort

    Because Graz handles the solution implementation and configuration process, there’s no need to divert valuable resources away from your core business activities during the IDX deployment—decreasing costs significantly.
  • Focus on your core competencies

    In fact, Graz provides managed services for all ongoing management, maintenance and development of IDX. By purchasing IDX as a service, hosted on the SAP Cloud Platform, you can keep your headcount lean and empower your teams to focus on what counts: extracting business value from your data.

Lay the foundation for next-generation services

Data is the new gold, and enterprises across all industries now aim to harness this precious resource to enhance their efficiency, reveal hidden business opportunities, and create new sources of customer value.

However, realising the potential of digital transformation rarely depends on just one source of data. Instead, businesses must bring together information from multiple endpoints, ranging from enterprise-class business systems from SAP or other large vendors to custom-built applications running on legacy platforms.

In many cases, the cost and complexity of integrating hundreds or even thousands of data endpoints brings digital transformation projects to a grinding halt. To solve this challenge, Graz has created the Intelligent Data Exchange (IDX): a cloud-based platform for fast, automated data integration.

With pre-built integration patterns for the industry’s most widely used enterprise business systems—including SAP solutions—IDX is designed to integrate large volumes of data from multiple different sources simultaneously and without manual effort.

Built on more than two decades of data-integration expertise from Graz, IDX runs on the high-availability SAP Cloud Platform, can connect with thousands of data endpoints in real time, and complies with stringent data-privacy regulations such as the GDPR. Once deployed, IDX can be managed as a service from Graz, freeing your business to focus on its core competencies.

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