Simple SAP Identity Authentication Service Extension

For developers that work with SAP Identity Authentication Services. Our solution simplifies and speeds up the development process for implementing SAP Identity Services Authentication.

Our lead developer discovered that a noticeable amount of development time was spent on integrating the SAP Identity Authentication Service. He then decided to create a solution for our development team to simplify and speed up development process for integrating the SAP Identity Authentication Service in other modules and solutions and this gave birth to our Simple Identity Services Authentication Extension.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy to get started
  • Up to unlimited API calls
  • Unlimited users
  • SAP Partner
  • Free trial
  • Quick implementation


We offer pre-paid support during all business hours (GMT +1). Our support suite includes support tickets via email (5 tickets for $750 (total) valid 1 year). With unique ticket numbers nothing gets overlooked and makes it easy to search for and find specific interactions.

Our Solution

We have enhanced the SAP Identity Services Authentication solution with our own IP. Our solution is aimed for developers that work with SAP Identity Services Authentication. Speed up and simplify your implementation of the SAP Identity Authentication Service by two to six weeks. Let our middle-ware solution (.NET Core) accelerate your development process for implementing the SAP Identity Authentication Service.

Core Usage Pattern

Basic Architecture

Configuration Documentation