Savings and pension software

Proven business solutions for savings and pensions industry

Our open, competitive and extensible core administration software solutions for the savings and insurance industry are more flexible than an off-the-shelf package and less costly than custom-built software. Or, the best of both worlds.

Open solutions

Our software is designed to support the administration of standard savings and insurance-based savings for Nordic providers. Having an open technical architecture means you can add almost any functionality you like – extend the solution by writing new business rules, edit existing components or build entirely new plug-ins or add-ons. Whether you want to take the source code and run with it, work with open APIs, or let us make adaptations for you – anything is possible.
Speed matters

Fixed fee implementation

Thanks to our flexible integration and migration platform, we can implement our software 30% to 50% faster than with traditional solutions. While you might typically spend half the total cost of the first five years of ownership just on implementation, our integration and transformation experience has helped us become very good at reducing implementation time and therefore the up-front costs. There are also benefits attached with quickly migrating away from existing high-cost platforms. Plus we guarantee our implementation fees and timelines up-front, and offer a “no-cure-no-pay” proof-of-concept to demonstrate our ability to migrate data securely and reliably.
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It pays to choose an experienced partner

After 15 years in in fintech, we have long-standing relationships at some of the biggest banks and other financial enterprises in Sweden, and our pension solutions have been in use in a production environment since the early 1990s. This has given us the know-how to design, build and retrain the kinds of large-scale systems that handle up to hundreds of millions of transactions every day.

Focused on costs?

A data warehouse where you pay for what you need. Only for financial institutions.