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Quick facts on Graz Sweden AB
  • The company is 99% owned by its CEO and Founder, Jonas Olsson
  • The company’s largest customer is Swedbank Robur, the largest Fund Manager in Scandinavia with an AUM of 125 billion EUR
  • The company has 15 employees in Sweden
  • Revenue 2021: 16,5 MSEK
  • Profit 2021: 5 MSEK

Jonas Olsson, CEO and founder

Jonas is the Founder and CEO of Graz Sweden AB. After graduation from the University of Lund in Sweden with a M.Sc. in Economics, Jonas established Graz in 1999 as sole proprietorship consultancy to large financial institutions in the Nordic region. In 2003, Jonas led a project that culminated in the development of Hinc, the company’s data warehouse product. Today, Graz is a leading provider of data warehouse software to financial institutions.