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A suite of proven tools for integration & migration

Whether you’re looking to integrate financial data or migrate platforms, we can minimize risk and help you quickly make the jump.

Thanks to our extensive data warehouse experience, we have developed proprietary solutions for integrating and transforming data – key elements in any successful migration or integration project. Another unique aspect of our solutions is that they enable us to handle large volumes of data and complexity extremely well.

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Data migration and integration

Migrate faster with minimal risk

Using existing tools means that we can minimize risk and shorten the time to completion. Using our proprietary data migration solutions, we can generally do it in substantially faster than if we had to start from scratch.

Large scale data migration

Our solutions are extremely scalable. Even if your current systems hold millions of accounts and need to process hundreds of millions of transactions in a day, our migration solutions will scale to handle it.

It pays to choose an experienced partner

After 15 years in fintech, we have overseen a number of major migration and integration projects at some of the biggest banks and other financial enterprises in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This proven track record along with solid references means you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Strengthening business intelligence

The largest fund management firm in the Nordic region wanted to maintain its leading position in the Swedish marketplace by deepening its business insight. Find out how they improved the visibility of their business data, got real time KPIs and cut workloads by 80%.