Financial technology you can bank on
Graz is the go-to supplier of fintech solutions for the largest banks, and savings, pension and insurance companies in the Nordic region.
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Improved efficiency for financial institutions
A data warehouse pre-configured for the financial industry significantly reduces the costs and risks associated with reporting and analysis.
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Efficient reporting and analytical processes
Graz has developed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse for financial institutions, including more than 120 banks, 12 insurance companies and Scandinavia’s largest fund management company.
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Serving major parts of the financial industry
Hinc handles cross-industry segments and cross-asset classes. It is used by asset managers, fund managers, wealth and discretionary portfolio managers, investment banks, treasury and insurance companies.
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A flexible and scalable solution
With the increasing regulatory burdens and costs of Solvency, MiFID and Basel, the benefits of having a flexible and scalable solution for reporting and analysis are becoming even more apparent.
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Business solutions for the financial industry

Graz provides IT solutions for the financial industry - from data warehousing to migration and integration, and administration software for the savings and pension industry.

From problems with legacy systems and issues with integrating APIs, to insuring smooth and efficient analysis and reporting, the demands can be overwhelming for keeping financial institutions compliant, secure and cutting-edge. That’s why it’s important to choose a partner with the tools and the experience to quickly implement massive IT changes – without breaking the bank.

Our customers include the largest fund manager and some of the biggest banks, and savings, pension and insurance companies in the Nordic region.

So whether you’re migrating or integrating systems, looking to benefit from IT efficiencies, or enhance capabilities or capacity, we have the experience of more than 15 years in the business along with proven tools to quickly take your business into the future.

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With Hinc as your data warehouse, you can analyze and interpret all of your financial data.

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Find out how your organization can benefit from using Hinc as your data warehouse.


Graz has provided market-leading solutions for the financial industry for more than a decade.

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