Data warehouse

Hinc is a proven and pre-configured data warehouse enabling financial institutions and investment management organizations to improve their operational efficiency and lower their operational risk with respect to reporting and analysis.

Graz has developed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse for financial institutions, including more than 120 banks, 12 insurance companies and Scandinavia’s largest fund management company. Today these clients are able to seamlessly control and analyze massive amounts of financial data, along with thousands of investment portfolios, thanks to a data warehouse configured precisely to their needs.

All data in a single place

All data in a single place

Hinc reduces data integration complexity – elegantly, quickly, and cost-effectively by gathering all data in a single place. This drives reporting and analytical efficiency.

Serving major parts of the financial industry

Hinc handles cross-industry segments and cross-asset classes. It is used by asset managers, fund managers, wealth and discretionary portfolio managers, investment banks, treasury and insurance companies. Hinc has well-proven report applications for legal reporting, business intelligence and more.

Focused on costs?

A data warehouse where you pay for what you need. Only for financial institutions.