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Integrate complex enterprise data automatically, in real time. IDX is designed for full compatibility and tight integration with the SAP ecosystem.

Swedish platform

IDX is a technical platform for data gathering and integration. IDX is developed from the ground up by a Swedish company, with support and development provided from Sweden. Fully compliant with GDPR .

Purchase as a service

You can do all the work and development by yourselves, for example through our graphical user interface. Or you can purchase IDX as a service from us. Full freedom – Your choice.


A managed integration and automation platform
  • IDX is a robust and scalable integration and automation platform that solves the complexity surrounding integration and automation. IDX is built with efficiency and performance in mind to enable quick data exchange from relevant data sources in real time.
  • IDX is provided as a managed service. This results in a fully automated process that even accommodates the challenges of non-standardised and older systems.
    • We both manage and host IDX, either in our Swedish data center or through a local installation. This ensures compliance with GDPR requirements and that no information is handled or processed outside Swedish borders. We provide continuous system monitoring and user support.
    • We assist our clients with customization of existing integrations aswell as developing new integrations as per client client demands. Via SFTP/S, File Transfer, REST, API, as well as manual input through our Data Loader.
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