Data Explosion, May 8th

Graz will be one of the exhibitors at ComputerSweden’s “Data Explosion 2014” in Stockholm. To ensure that you make the most out of your visit, please contact us to arrange […]

Graz Article in TDWI

“Load First, Model Later: What Data Warehouses Can Learn from Big Data” Published October 15, 2013 Excerpt: “For businesses that don’t have highly complex data or whose business environments are […]

Graz in TechRepublic

“Tech Executives Speak Out: What’s Next for Microsoft?” Published December 11, 2013 Excerpt: “Microsoft’s corporate culture has always been held back by the stack ranking system that Ballmer always loved, […]

Graz Q&A with TDWI

“Q&A: Data Warehouses and the Demands of Big Data” Published December 3, 2013 Excerpt: “Big data is a great technology for pattern recognition when mining large volumes of unstructured data. […]