Graz brings the Intelligent Data Exchange (IDX) to SAP Store
Powered by pre-built integration patterns, IDX is a fully managed service that allows enterprises to interface with any mixture of in-house and external systems at speed and scale. This includes SAP solutions as well as software developed by other vendors.
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Fully integrated with APX
Leverage your Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) data with Graz CDW – A modern Data Warehouse and reporting solution for investment managers
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Improved efficiency for financial institutions
A data warehouse pre-configured for the financial industry significantly reduces the costs and risks associated with reporting and analysis.
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Efficient reporting and analytical processes
Graz has developed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse for financial institutions, including more than 120 banks, 12 insurance companies and Scandinavia’s largest fund management company.
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Performance under pressure
Download our whitepaper to learn why choosing the optimal approach to delivering time-weighted returns data will be crucial for long-term success
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Serving major parts of the financial industry
Hinc handles cross-industry segments and cross-asset classes. It is used by asset managers, fund managers, wealth and discretionary portfolio managers, investment banks, treasury and insurance companies.
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Integrate complex enterprise data automatically, in real time
The Intelligent Data Exchange
Strength through partnership
We are proud to announce our partnership with SAP. GRAZ will provide SAP customers with data integration solutions for the financial market with focus on FX, Payments, Transformation, Robotics and S/4 HANA.
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A flexible and scalable solution
With the increasing regulatory burdens and costs of Solvency, MiFID and Basel, the benefits of having a flexible and scalable solution for reporting and analysis are becoming even more apparent.
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We build smarter software solutions

Graz has over the last 15 years grown into a highly trusted “go-to-supplier” for banks, savings, pension and insurance companies in the Nordic region.
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