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Data Warehouse for the Financial Industry

Product brochure

Data Warehouse

Transforming the Data Warehouse Landscape for the Financial Industry.

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Hinc System Design 1.4

Data Warehouse

A high-level overview with emphasis on Hinc’s flexibility and scalability.

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Key Benefits
  • Proven technology
  • Lower and predictable costs
  • Increased focus on core business
Key Features
  • Proven data model, specifically created for the financial industry
  • Data virtualization
  • Can be deployed both locally and in the cloud



Short facts on Graz Sweden AB

  • The company is 99% owned by its CEO and Founder, Jonas Olsson
  • The company has 10 employees
  • Revenue 2012: 11 MSEK, 1.7 MUSD, 1.3 MEUR
  • Profit 2012: 1.5 MSEK, 230 kUSD, 180 kEUR
  • The company’s largest customer is Swedbank Robur, the largest Fund Manager in Scandinavia

Chaz Shaw, Head of Sales

Chaz joined Graz Sweden AB as Head of Sales in October, 2012. An American, with a background in financial technology and derivatives, Chaz held a similar title both at Derivix Corporation prior to its acquisition by FlexTrade Systems in 2012 and RedSky Financial which was acquired by ITG, Inc in 2007. He started his career on the trading floors of Chicago and is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.

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Jonas Olsson, CEO and founder

Jonas is the Founder and CEO of Graz Sweden AB. After graduation from the University of Lund in Sweden with a M.Sc. in Economics, Jonas established Graz in 1999 as sole proprietorship consultancy to large financial institutions in the Nordic region. In 2003, Jonas led a project that culminated in the development of Hinc, the company’s data warehouse product. Today, Graz is a leading provider of data warehouse software to financial institutions.

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