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Data Warehouse for the Financial Industry

Graz offered us a data warehouse that was both preconfigured for the requirements of our industry, and easily connected to our systems.

Morgan Andersson
Head of Sales Management,
Swedbank Robur

Product brochure

Data Warehouse

Transforming the Data Warehouse Landscape for the Financial Industry.

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Hinc System Design 1.4

Data Warehouse

A high-level overview with emphasis on Hinc’s flexibility and scalability.

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Key Benefits
  • Proven technology
  • Lower and predictable costs
  • Increased focus on core business
Key Features
  • Proven data model, specifically created for the financial industry
  • Data virtualization
  • Can be deployed both locally and in the cloud

Hinc - The Data Warehouse for the Financial Industry


A unique data warehouse for the financial industry

Hinc is a proven and pre-configured data warehouse enabling our customers to improve their operational efficiency and lower their operational risk with respect to reporting and analysis.

Transforming the data warehouse landscape

In partnership with leading financial institutions, Graz has developed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse for financial institutions, including more than 120 banks, 12 insurance companies and Scandinavia’s largest fund management company. Today these clients are able to seamlessly control and analyze massive amounts of financial data, along with thousands of investment portfolios, thanks to a data warehouse configured precisely to their needs.

What makes Hinc different?

Hinc is pre-configured for the financial industry, allowing simultaneous analysis and reporting of data from multiple data sources. The pre-defined and configured data model interfaces to standard systems, providing auditability, security, authorization control and data verification.

Examples of supported processes

With the increasing regulatory burdens and costs of Solvency, MiFID and Basel, the benefits of having a flexible and scalable solution for reporting and analysis are becoming even more apparent. For organizations facing constantly changing internal and external requirements – in addition to changes to clients, portfolios, and business models, Hinc can support all the finance-specific aspects of reporting and analytical operations:


  • Legal reporting
  • Business intelligence
  • Management reporting
  • Portfolio consolidation & analysis
  • Performance control
  • Transaction validation
  • Client reporting
  • Conversion of chart of accounts
  • Web reporting
  • Portfolio mirroring
  • Internal reporting
  • Calculation of commissions
  • Fundreporting
  • Collateralization control


Would you like to learn more? Please contact Sales for more in depth information or Hinc System Design documentation. sales [at] graz.se or +46 8 650 34 00